What this typically means:

  • Accountably boosting site traffic and interest
  • We will dramatically lower your cost per customer aquisition
  • We can build brands and name recognition online – and drive brand value
  • Devising measurement systems to validate your marketing spend
  • Training clients to leverage search marketing and analytics

Position Lab – Search Engine Optimisation

The goals of Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) are really quite blinkered. All an SEO specialist really wants to do is make your website rank well on search engines for popular phrases, and deliver traffic from search engines to your website. What you do with all the billions of extra customers you receive each day is up to you, but of course the SEO specialist should have something to say about that as well. We certainly do, and we’re going to use this website to talk your ears off about search engine optimisation and then win your business.

Banish any notions you have that search engine optimisation is the modern day equivalent of snake oil. Its worth has long been acknowledged by Google, who have been moved to provide the following glowing tribute to our industry:

“Many SEOs provide useful services for website owners…” High praise indeed!

You can read more of Google’s frank and open advice about search engine optimisation here:


In the same spirit of honesty that Google is displaying, this website will tell you precisely what we, as SEO consultants, do. If there’s anything we haven’t made crystal clear, you can pick up the phone and give us a call for a friendly chat. We’ve also provided links to useful search engine optimisation resources around the net, should you desire a second, third or even fourth opinion.

Search Engine Optimisation by PositionLab – Smarter Search Marketing


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